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The Virginia Review digital magazine and the on line Virginia Review Directory of State and Local Government Officials are published by Virginia Review, LLC, 7307 Belmont Stakes Drive, Midlothian VA 23112.

As the only independent, nonpolitical, professional journal for Virginia’s government officials since 1923, the Virginia Review offers contributors and readers an opportunity to learn about the success story that never made the newspapers or the six o’clock news. Our readers tell us that one of the things that they like the best about the Virginia Review is that we positively reinforce those who are working behind the scenes to make life better for us all.

While many of our readers are in some area of elected or appointed government, others are consultants, academics, students, and business persons who work with governments to help improve their community, and ultimately our great Commonwealth. Therefore, our contributors, who are all volunteers, come from many different backgrounds, and we feel extremely fortunate for the diverse mix of volunteers we have worked with over the years.

We also rely on everyone who comes in contact with the Virginia Review magazine or the online Virginia Review Directory of State and Local Government Officials to give us your insights. Over the years, you have helped us become the best that we can be, and for that we are eternally grateful.

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