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Virginia Review Media Kit
Advertising with VAReview.com and the VA Review Directory

You now have an opportunity to reach hundreds of potential customers that may never have heard of you before.

The Virginia Review has become an exclusively online publication, no more "dead tree" version. You now get much more exposure for less money.

The Virginia Review magazine has been around in its former print version since 1923. Our readers, state and local government officials, purchasing decision makers, educators, and others who are working to make our state the best in the nation, told us through their readership numbers that we needed to adapt to their needs electronically rather than in the old print version. In 2008, our website has been gathering readers to the tune of 20,000 plus hits per month. Our readers informed us they wanted the Virginia Review to be more accessible, affordable, and environmentally friendly. So we followed this economic and environmental trend and created our new presence, the Virginia Review online. We are a click away from them on their desk, our subscription rates are a fraction of the former printed version, and we are saving some trees by not printing the publication, thus creating a greener product.

Following our readers' lead, and since we transitioned to solely an online magazine, we have seen a significant increase in activity on our site. October's numbers were up a good bit, November had over 32,000 hits, and by the middle of December, we are tracking for over 50,000 hits so far.

We are developing a number of advertising opportunities for the site. Currently we have business card style ads running in an ad rack on the home page and ad racks will be included on a number of other pages as well. These ads are offered in two sizes single card and double card. The single card ads are $300.00 for a year and the double card size ads are $600.00. These ads rotate randomly each time the page loads. At the present time, if the home page were to get 50,000 hits in a month, any given ad would be displayed about 12,500 times. Each of the ads is "live" in that clicking on the ad will take the reader directly to the advertisers website. We are adding ad racks to more pages so that every visitor is bound to see every advertiser's ad.

We hope that you will join the others who vend with these readers and join us online to achieve the best results for your advertising budget. We will be adding additional advertising opportunities in the form of floaters and click throughs as we are able to create the opportunities. These will be offered to our existing advertisers as they become available.

So, if you are an established advertiser of ours, we welcome you as part of this exciting new approach to capturing the market at the source - on the desktops of the decision makers all over the Commonwealth. If you are new to us, welcome to the new Virginia Review and the opportunity to reach more new customers as well as staying in touch with the ones you have worked with over the years.

Advertising Rates & Information
There are two ways to advertise with Virginia Review, LLC: the Virginia Review Directory; on vareview.com;

Website Advertising
For years, our readers have asked us for a way to access old issues and articles of the Virginia Review, as most of the information contained within is not time sensitive. We have met those requests by archiving past issues of the magazine on our website, vareview.com. In addition to viewing the most current issue, browsers can peruse past issues, links of interest and a variety of information relative to Virginia state and local government.

Website advertising provides an increased benefit to our advertisers. Display advertising that appears in the magazine can also appear on the website, both within online articles and in an advertiser's index. Both forms provide viewers a direct link to your company's website or email link. As long as an advertiser has a current contract, their ads and links will remain on the Virginia Review website. Essentially, this doubles the exposure for our advertisers.

Virginia Review Directory
This directory is the most complete, popular, and frequently used reference of its type in Virginia. The directory can be found on the desk or in the bookcase of virtually every government decision maker and communicator in the Commonwealth. No other advertising resource can give your firm or organization the tremendous visibility and exposure that an ad and listing in the directory provides. And, because it is an annual publication, one ad provides year round exposure.

The reason the directory is so enormously popular and such an effective advertising vehicle is its incredible content.

Vendor and Resource Directory - Published within the annual Directory of State and Local Government Officials, the Vendor and Resource Directory is a special classified section providing advertisers listings by area of competence or specialty. Each display advertiser is entitled to one free listing under the classification of their choice. If they wish, the advertiser may purchase additional listings for additional business locations or under other classifications for only $35.00 each. Each listing will include a reference to the page number of the advertisers display ad so the prospect can get additional information.

Directory Ad Prices
Size Directory Only With VR Ads
Contract Rate

Front Divider Tab
4 Color
$2,823 $2,623

Divider Tab
4 Color
B&W available
B&W $1,983
B&W $1,792

Full Page
$1,179 $1,059

Half Page
$823 $740

Quarter Page
$586 $527

Directory Ad Sizes

Online Ad Sizes

Single Card
For the entire year

Double Card
For the entire year
For more information call us at (804)748-6351, (800)827-3843,
or the editor at (804)748-8230