Responsible Government - Stewardship through the Greening of Public Assets and Services
The author makes the case here for “green design.”
By J. Patrick Farley, AIA
Enriching Redevelopment through Brownfield Grants
While this cycle of Brownfield Grants is passing, you can get your community ready for the next one with the help of this article.
By Ian D. Shaw, PE

Legislative Footnotes


FASTFORWARD: The Next Step in Welfare Reform; Hampton Takes a Different Approach
The Hampton Department of Social Services has taken an existing welfare reform to the next level by incorporating a new approach to “welfare to work.”
By Rebecca D. Gibson

There are so many acronyms, it’s hard to know what they mean and which ones count.  The new VITA program that is      described on page 27 by Secretary of Technology George C. Newstrom, is also outlined here by our regular IT columnist.
By Kathi B. Scearce

Ecotech Network    
Historic Maps on the Internet
An exhibit by the Library of Virginia on old maps got our GIS columnist inspired to write about it all the way from Japan.
By Larry Stipek

John Adams: A Model for Public Officials?
For your late summer reading, try our management columnist’s pick: David McCullough’s John Adams.  It reveals interesting insights into what makes a public official effective, and who our real role models should be, ethically
By Russell M. Linden, PhD


Fairfax Deputy Executive
Robert A. “Rob” Stalzer Elected President of Virginia Local Government Management Association
While he began his career in local government as a planner, Rob Stalzer says he always knew he wanted to become a local government manager.  The new VLGMA President explains the trends and challenges to the profession.

photo / virginia review
Interim Administrators: Band Aids for Local Governments
Institute of Government Associate Director explains why sometimes the best solution is a temporary one: bring in a seasoned pro to handle your locality’s transition between managers.
By Tedd E. Povar

Virginia Institute and Government -
a Decade and Counting
Many who read this may remember the beginning of the Institute of Government and the earliest desires to make it foster a stable environment in which government could grow productively and proactively in Virginia.  The Institute celebrates its 10th birthday this year.
By Billie E. Easton

Blacksburg ALERT - Reinventing the Service of
Local Government Communication
Blacksburg, once dubbed the most “wired” community in the nation, is once again making communications history with its newest program, Blacksburg ALERT.
By Heather D. Browning

Commonwealth of Virginia’s Information
Technology Initiative
For the past several years, Virginia has been conducting one of the nation’s most aggressive and comprehensive reforms
of information technology (IT).  The Secretary of Technology describes those efforts and programs.
By The Hon. George C. Newstrom
Legal Services for Those Who Cannot Afford a Lawyer
The author is the incoming president of the Local Government Attorneys’ of Virginia, Inc.  He writes about the need to support the Legal Services Corporation that ensures those accused of crimes will be provided with legal representation even if they cannot afford it.
By Sterling E. Rives III