Health Commissioner of Virginia: The Man Who Helps Cure What Ails Us - Dr. Robert B. Stroube
Many Virginians don’t realize that we actually have a disease detective on the clock 24/7 in the form of one Dr. Robert B. Stroube.
photo / virginia review
Mission Possible: Educating the World
Thomas Jefferson’s Statute for Religious Freedom was one of his proudest accomplishments, so much so that it was one of his select achievements he ordered carved on his grave monument.  The First Freedom Center in Richmond will educate the world about our great fortune in being the home
of the Statute for Religious
By D. Stephen Elliott
Success in Improving Water Quality Is Dependent on
New Tools, Partnerships

We can do better in Virginia in fully funding and supporting our natural resources programs.  This article suggests some ways how to do that.
By Gary Waugh

Firefighters Carry Pumps to Put out Wildfires
Creating new approaches to solving forest fires leads to the use of unique and unusual tools.
By Gregg O’Donnell

Commonwealth of Virginia Strategic Plan for Statewide Communications Interoperability
Remember the crisis within the crises when different fire, police and rescue groups could not communicate with each other during the 9/11 attacks?  We think we have a handle on that here in the Commonwealth.
By Chris Essid

Renewing Virginia’s Capitol Square and Capturing Its History
There’s a whole lot of banging and clanging going on in our old Capitol, and this time it’s not the legislators’ faults.  The director of the agency charged with taking control of this diverse and critical project tells us what to expect in the coming months and years.
By James T. Roberts

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Halifax County
Agricultural Marketing Center There’s an exciting, innovative facility in Halifax County  that is helping Southside rethink its formerly tobacco dominated economy.  
By Linda F. Wallace

All About IT
Yesterday’s Science Fiction Is Today’s Technology
Beam us up, Scotty!  Star Trek of 20 years ago is in many ways a reality today.
By Kathi B. Scearce

Ecotech Network     
Using a Geographic Information
System To Understand a Civil War Battle

That’s right - we are now using a technology that was the future a few years ago to determine what really went on in the past.
By Larry Stipek

Management Matters 
The Art of Customer Service
(and the perils of using airports)

Russ Linden’s latest column will no doubt resonate with many of you who have to navigate the not always so friendly skies.
By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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