Getting a Handle on CRIMES in Hampton Roads
Working regionally has often proven to be successful in economic development and tourism areas.  So, law enforcement chiefs got together to see if perhaps they could share their input and resources without causing turf problems.  The result has been CRIMES - a great success in Hampton Roads.
By Chief Mark A. Marshall and Chief Dennis A. Mook

Conservation Design - Implementing a Paradigm Shift
The concept of sweeping changes in a locality’s approach to planning processes is not necessarily a welcome change, but it can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure.
By Gary Clare, PE
Secretary of Commerce and Trade, the Honorable Michael J. Schewel
To the surprise of a great many, Secretary Schewel, whose father was an esteemedstate Senator for many years, has had very little interction with state government and politics in general.  In some ways, he recently said, this is a good thing.  However, we would prepare his successor to study politics seriously before acceptng a Cabinet level post.
Spring Sampler

Ethics Checklist

Singing with Wireless
By Kathi B. Scearce

The Role of GIS in Hurricane Isabel
By Larry Stipek

Accountability: What Does it Really Mean?
By Russell M. Linden, PhD

Signifigant Challenges, Simple Response; a High Probability f Success - the Patrick County Education Foundation
Rural Patrick County at one time lacked few resources to make it competitive amoungst its neighbors, not to mention localities with more amenities.  Since the creation of a multilevel education foundation in 2001, things have definitely taken a turn for the best.
By Gerald L. Hughes, Jr.

The Virginia Horse Center and the Commonwealth: A Model for Public-Private Success
Though these dire budget times have not been kind to some of our most promising resources, the Virginia Horse Center continues to attract a loyal following and drawing tourists and participants from all over state and nation.
By Kristin C. Waters Wise

Virginia’s Business Constituency - Business Owners Demanding and Taking Advantage of Resources
The Virginia Department of Business Assistance has long been regarded as the little engine that could in the Commonwealth’s arsenal for attracting and keeping businesses here.
By Nina Sims and Carolyn Conlon

Effective Flood Plain Management: Saving Lives and Property in Our Communities
A professional engineer and certified flood plain expert writes on the need to get busy planning for an effective defense against disaster through flood.
By Joseph B. Chapman, PE, CFM