Virginia Land Conservation Foundation:
Boon to Localities and Nonprofits
This exciting new foundation is a new tool to help both community developers and preservationists.
By Nathan Lott

Virginia’s 70th Governor, the Honorable Timothy M. Kaine Moving Virginia Forward
A lot of people will be surprised to hear how Governor Kaine first got interested in entering local government, and the fact that his first statewide bid was an accident of fate in many ways.
Capitol Disappointments, Capital Delights
While the most recent legislative session is a big disappointment, and the honeymoon is definitely over for our new Governor, a neighborhood near Capitol Square offers a fun opportunity to explore our rich history.
King William Supervisor Remembered
By Katy Lloyd and Frances Hubbard
Paying IT Forward—Using Our IT Talents for Community Service
By Wendy Wickens
Professional GIS Certification
By Larry Stipek
Creating a Culture of Candor
By Russell M. Linden, PhD
  Of Note
Retaining a Unique Sense of Place at the Edges of Metropolitan Growth: Proceedings from the 2005 Regional Summit of Virginia Main Street Communities
Main Streeters have been a busy bunch for the past
few years. Read about the importance of these
grassroots business groups to communities all over
the Commonwealth.
By Courtney Anderson
Building Community One Step
at a Time
Neighborhood Walkabouts bring together hundreds of residents for
a day of recreation and community appreciation in Arlington County.
By The Hon. Jay Fisette
Virginia Launches Internet
Business Portal
This new system delivers user friendly
information to Virginia businesses.
By Carolyn Conlon