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Virginia Economic Development Partnership Executive Director Jeffrey M. Anderson is new to state government, but not to business. He brings a private sector savvy to the public sector.

Virginia Environmental Endowment: Venture Capital Philanthropy for the Environment
Virginia has been going green for decades. The Virginia Environmental Endowment has been going in that direction for the past 30 years, and shows no sign of slowing with age.
By Gerald McCarthy

What Else is Your Locality Doing to Be Green?
Part two in a two part series, the author, a founder of Sustainable Dallas, a successful venture that has brought that Texas city into the forefront of municipal environmentalism.
By Tom Kemper

Sub State Regionalism: The Analysis Gap
A Shenandoah University professor gives his perspective on interlocal government cooperation and its impact on future growth.
By William Shendow, PhD

Virginia's Growth Challenges-New Directions for the Future
With the benefits that have come from the Commonwealth's growth in the last couple of decades, have come challenges that need addressing now rather than later.
By Trip Pollard

Three New Looks at an Old Constitution
Three insightful new books on the Constitution will get you thinking about the times in which it was drafted and what's happened since that might require a new look at the Founders' creation.

Legislator News and Legislative Blues
By Alyson L. Taylor-White

VHS CEO Charles F. Bryan Jr. Receives Resolution from General Assembly

Do You Know How Your Community Spends and Controls Your Tax Dollars?
Part two of a three part series

By Wendy Wickens, PMP, MCNE and James Wynn, PMP

GIS at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership

By Larry Stipek


By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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