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James City County Administrator & VLGMA President Sanford B. "Sandy" Wanner
James City County is not only the host to the world this year as we celebrate the 1607 Jamestown Colony, but it is also the home of Virginia Local Government Management Association President. Sandy says his military career and education background have prepared him for his life in public service

When in James City County–Explore Jamestown!
We took our camera exploring while we were in James City County recently. If you have not visited Historic Jamestown or the Jamestown Settlement this year, 2007 is the year to do it!

A Community Looks Ahead: Herndon’s Vision for 2027
Long term planning is a must, according to Herndon officials, who have only to look around them in Northern Virginia and in other communities to understand the importance of prudent planning.

By Anne P. Curtis

Commission on Local Government Welcomes New Policy Manager
Susan B. Williams is newly in charge of the Commission on Local Government, now based within the Department of Housing and Community Development. She is looking forward to working with her dedicated board of former local government officials who know all about the challenges facing their peers.

By Hollie S. Cammarasana

Stafford County Manages Growth with an Enterprise & Integrated GIS
It took a team of GIS and IT professionals to take a long look at growth in Stafford County and to come up with some workable solutions for managing rapid growth.

By Davis Capaz with David Noel and Sheri Stefaniga

Aaron Burr Trial 200th Anniversary
Remembering the Trial of That Century

By Alyson L. Taylor-White

Valuing Virginia Volunteers
Many localities and state agencies depend on the kindness of strangers, sort of, that is. Virginia has always had a rich history of volunteers from within its citizenry, but how do you keep and retain the best ones for your organization?

By Alyson L. Taylor-White

In Celebration of 250 Years of History: Using Technology to Showcase Loudoun County
While a lot of us think about localities in Northern Virginia being quite new and growing all the time, they actually do have a rich history and sense of community.

By Wendy Wickens, PMP, MCNE

Jamestown, Maps, and State Park Kiosks
Our GIS columnist Larry Stipek can smell a good GIS story even in the state parks! What do history, state parks, and kiosks have to do with geographic information systems? Read on and find out!

By Larry Stipek

A Different Take on Crises
Russ takes on the word, “Crisis” and helps us understand how different individuals react to this word differently.

By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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