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Department of General Services Director James T. Roberts
Jim Roberts says he’s a typical bereaucrat with no particular training for the job as DGS Director, yet his peers and colleagues beg to disagree. The Capitol Square project may well be the highlight of his 30 year career.

The Virginia Capitol Preservation Foundation: Supporting our Living Monument to Democracy
A couple of foundations were founded to help with the direction of the Capitol Square project, and the author staffs one of them. This nonprofit, nonpartisan organization raises funds to help supplement specific aspects of the project.

By M. Alice Lynch

Virginia Collects: The Art Collection of the Commonwealth of Virginia
A visit to the Librarty of Virginia in Richmond is always well worth the trip, but there is a rare and wonderful exhibit on display that features many works of art most Virginians never see or knew existed. The curator of the show explains why and how the Commonwealth got into the culture businiess.

By Barbara C. Baston

Masonry Masters Mend Monument
On a recent walk around Capitol Square, we ran into a group of extraordinary craftsmen who practice thier craft like those builders in Jefferson’s time did.

Stafford’s Volunteer Corps Offers Seniors Golden Opportunity
Folks are getting CATy in Stafford County, and the rest of us might want to catch the trend. Retirees are now forming a formidable volunteer workforce for the county that realized a need in public communications and services.

By Cathy L. Riddle

One Call Does It All!

Like Stafford officials, Hampton city officials were not pleased with the level of service and communications responses to citizens. As a result, they created a special phone line for prompt and efficient response time and help. By Rebecca D. Gibson

Is It Time to End the One Term for Virginia’s Governor’s?

Virginia’s Governors and Thier Terms in Office
The author was the documentary editor for the Virginia Independence Bicentennial Commission and editor of the Library of Virginia’s Dictionary of Virginia Biography. He details why we have our current form of government where our Governors may not suceed themselves into a second term.

By Brent Tarter

The Eight Things You Need to Create “The Perfect IT Project”
Guest Columnist Hampton’s IT Director talks about the best way to make information technology work for you.

By John C. Eagle

The Fine Art of Managing Expectations
Ours is a society where everyone is hurrying up to wait somewhere. So how does an organization reduce the anxiety about service delivery when waiting cannot be avoided? This column explains.

By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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