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Salute to Charles F. Bryan Jr. and Virginia Historical Society’s 175th Anniversary
Since the late 1980’s, the Virginia Historical Society has been transformed from a sleepy repository of relics and treasures toa state of the art research and teaching facility. President and CEO Charles Bryan shared what the VHS has that others don’t, and why this organization is the state’s de facto historical society.

New Facility Addition for Virginia Historical Society to Cap 175th Anniversary
The members and trustees of the Virginia Historical Society have 175 things to celebrate this year as that organization turns the page on two decades of dramatic and productive growth. Learn why our state historical society is the envy of others, and what to expect from the new addition to the original core building, Battle Abbey.
By Charles F. Bryan Jr., PhD

Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase
From Blue Grass to Brunswick Stew, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities’ folklife apprenticeship program has proved to be positive in revealing all our diverse cultures in one Commmonwealth.

By Jon Lohman, PhD

The Commonwealth and the Virginia Horse Center, Understanding the Public-Private Partnership
Not everyone knows about one of the state’s best kept secrets, the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington. However, those who do know about it are wildly enthusiastic about the center and its potential to the quality of life and economy of the region.

By Lethia C. Hammond

Deja Vu Again?
There we went again with the General Assembly in gridlock. What gives?

Since You Asked...
We get so many questions about how to submit articles to the Virginia Review, we decided to let you in on how to go about it yourself if you’ve got an interesting article idea.

Why We Need More Geeks
Our chief information technology(IT) columnist John Eagle snapped recently and had a light bulb moment. Why shouldn’t techno wizards be proud of their geekness? Embrace the inner geek in you!

By John Eagle

Claudius Crozet vs. teh General Assembly: Roads, Canals, and Railroads
The latest legislative logjam over transportation funding is an old tune if you look into 19th century history of Virginia and early roads, canals, and railroads

By Larry Stipek

The Fine, and Critical Art, of Managing Relationships, First in a Series
The power of relationships will be explored in this multi part series of columns

By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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