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Virginia's Secretary of Education Belle S. Wheelan, PhD: Collaboration in Education
A recent interview with Secretary Belle S. Wheelan revealed some interesting aspects of the way our educational system in Virginia is organized and how it is led. Coming from a long history with community colleges, Sec. Wheelan is no stranger to having to do more with less. In fact, she explained how challenging times can create the most creative collaborations.

Turning History to Dollars: How Roanoke is Tapping Its Past to Shape Its Future
Last issue we featured an article on how Roanoke is utilizing fresh new ideas to adaptively reuse dhistoric properties, as well as open new ones like the Link Museum near the Hotel Roanoke. We decided you probably would like to learn more, so this article gives additional information about their successes.

By Faye B. Sesabaugh

Virginia Legends Honors Commonwealth's Contribution to the Nation and World
Virginia Beach is more than a resort destination, it's a place to learn more about our state's heros and heroines. The Virginia Legends Walk is a good way to get some healthy exercise outside and learn about our state's history at the same time.

By Sean Brickell, APR

Building Virginias Heritage- Enhancing Stewardship through the "Greening" of our Tourism Infrastructure This is a follow up to the article by the same author in the July/August issue of the Virginia Review

By J. Patrick Farley, AIA

Virginia's Classical Capitol: An Enduring Educational Landmark

Alot of people are not aware of the rich experience that awaits them on a guided tour of our state Capitol. Unfortunately those tours will be on hold for a while during the upcoming renovations of the interior and exterior of the building Jefferson created to be the "temple on the hill."

By Mark K. Greenough

Thanks for the Memories!

We reaally are thankful for all the fabulous foilks we've worked with and places we have visited this year, and we wanted to take one last opportunity to salute a few of them.

It's Wilder in Richmond Than its Ever Been

The citizens got their wish, the legislature granted them the right to change their form of government and this past November the Honorable L. Douglas Wilder, grandson of slaves, once again made election history.
By Alyson L. Taylor-White

Virginia's Public Health System Prepares for emergencies
There are some innovative things going on in the Virginia Department of Health that we thought you might like to learn about. Of special interest to most of us after we have seen our share of natural disasters and the threat of terrorist attack, is how will our essential government organizations function in times of emergency.

By Trina Hoppin Lee

The Spy Who Loves You

By Kathi B. Scearce

Educating GIS Professionals at George Mason University

By Larry Stipek

Dwight Eisenhower: Protrait of a Collaborative Leader
Russ takes on the word, “Crisis” and helps us understand how different individuals react to this word differently.

By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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