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Executive Director David M. Poole
So how did a top notch investigative reporter end up in the public access business? It's an interesting story, and one that ultimately benefits us all. If you ever wondered who gives what to whom, VPAP is the organization you need to consult.

Whoever said it wasn't easy being green didn't read this article. Find out how others are enjoying the environmentally friendly experience at the office.

By Thomas Kemper

Solving the Child Support Dilemma
Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office has come up with an innovative and successful way to solve how to get child support from offenders. How can those who owe back child support get ahead if they are incarcerated?

By Lt. James F. Pritchett Jr.

Politics Hits Home

General Assembly Update
Here's the latest on the newly elected or reelected legislators, their jurisdictions, committees, and contact information.

Do You Know How Your Community Spends and Controls Your Tax Dollars?
Our chief IT columnist Wendy Wickens of Leesburg teamed with James Wynn of the Leesburg IT Commission for this, the first of three columns.

By Wendy Wickens, PMP, MCNE and James Wynn, PMP

Northern Virginia Community Celebrates GIS Day and the Opening of a New Lab
Check out all the GIS excitement in Northern Virginia!

By Larry Stipek and Dr. Mike Krimmer

Leadership in a Networked World
A continuation of the discussion of powerful emerging trends where people and organizations are using the Web to collaborate in exciting ways.
By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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