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Senator Walter A. Stosch, (R) District 12, Legislative Accounting
Senator Walter A. Stosch, the only certified public accountant (CPA) in the Virginia General Assembly, met with us recently to discuss the earlier extended session, and the special transportation one held in September. He reflected on the changes he’s seen in his 25 years with the legislature, and shared some of his most important priorities.

An Innovative Approach to Hands on History If you have never visited Pamplin Park in Dinwiddie County, you should make the trip. It is within easy driving distance of many other interesting sites and recreational opportunities, and is a completely new way to experience history for the average visitor. Whatever your community is doing to attract and retain tourists, look at examples like this one to get inspiration.
By Andrew H. Talkov

Across the High Seas — the India Venture
Taking the time to research everyday items from a home in Federal period rural Virginia can speak volumes about what life was really like for early Virginians. From a teapot to a jacket, each piece tells its own story.
By Barbara Ziman

The Virginia Executive Institute: So Much More Than Training
Many of you reading this have recommended we feature an article on the VEI, the state’s equivalent to the local officials’ Senior Executive Institute and the federal government’s FEI. Here is your chance to read more about it if you’ve heard about it, and wondered what it is all about.
By Diane Maloney

Failure To Communicate, Part Duh
Which part of communication success don’t people get?

When It Rains, Sometimes It Floods … : Post Storm Safety Tips
From the Virginia Department of Emergency Management comes a handy list to keep at hand for remembering the ins and outs of handling Mother Nature when she’s not pleased.

Am I a Carrier?
Lynchburg Information Technology Director Mike Goetz guest contributes this issue about the flood of emails we all face. When is information too much information? By Mike Goetz

Refocusing of GIS in the Virginia Information Technologies Agency
We are told to embrace change, but sometimes that can be a little challenging, especially when the nature of an organization changes. By Larry Stipek

How Do Busy Public Managers Learn the Art of Relationship Management?
Our management guru gives us some fascinating examples of individuals who sometimes learned the hard way why relationship management is essential to career success. By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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